Game Instructions

The Background Story

Outrageous things are happening in aesch bigott! This year’s wine harvest is in danger! Crafty grape thieves, cheeky birds, fox, frost and vine pest have all been seen at the grapes. Help the people of Aesch to save their wine harvest and search in the village for the hidden remedies.

The Aim of the Game

You complete the village tour with the help of your Smartphone and call at 8 main positions and 8 optional secret positions.


aesch bigott starts at the Tramschlaufe in Aesch (bus and tramway stop «Aesch Dorf»). Here you'll find a big poster with all the relevant information. You recognize it by the logo of the village tour.

Game Instructions – Firstly: Find the Pillar

The 8 main positions are spread out over the whole village and are recognizable by a metal pillar . An example of such a pillar can be seen next to the starting point.

Game Instructions – Secondly: Find the Code-plate

When you find such a pillar in the village, it means, that within 10 steps, a square code-plate has been hidden. On each code-plate can be found the website and a code word. Call up the website and enter the code.

Game Instructions – Thirdly: Solve the post

When you have entered the code, you will receive the text of the respective topic. Follow the instructions on your Smartphone, complete the topic and you will then receive directions to be able to find the next position.

Optional Secret Positions

Optional Secret Positions are hidden throughout the village. You will find them where the people of Aesch like to take a seat. The optional secret positions are not absolutely necessary for successful completion of the tour.

Help! I am stuck.

Should you get lost en route, you can always get help at