Help for the Starting Position

How can I find Position 1?

So, you are stuck between the Starting Position and Position 1. Did all the colorful houses confuse you?

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Original Clue

Enough talk! Here is the first clue that will lead you to Position 1 of 8:

In Aesch there are many new and colorful houses! Use these houses to guide you to the first position. Walk in the direction of a large red house with glass skylights that adorn the edge of the path.

If along your way you can drink a large cup of coffee to your right, then you are headed in the right direction.

After the red house, ignore the fork in the road that leads you to the neighboring town and instead walk in the direction of the grey-violet houses.

After a short while, you will find the Castle Ghost waiting for you in the white house. However, he is not waiting for you in the banquet hall, but rather he is on his way to the Schloss Keller or castle cellar.

Additional Clue

Are you unsure about how to continue? It would be best to ask the Town Hall (Gemeindeverwaltung) for help. The employees there are very knowledgeable. In case of an emergency, they can always retrieve necessary information from their files.

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